Elkton City Council Names Committees

The meeting was called to order in Elkton City Hall by Mayor Jim Caldwell at 6 p.m., followed by the national anthem and invocation led by the newly elected mayor, Jim Caldwell. In attendance were Aldermen Bill Bonjour, Rebecca Bryant, Bill Cary, Jim Lathrop and Darren Shockney. Mayor Caldwell, City Recorder Margie Brooks and City Attorney Joe Fowlkes. Guests included Tracy Davis, Elkton Booster Club president.

A motion to approve the August minutes was made by Shockney, seconded by Bonjour, all were favor and motion passed. A motion to approve the August financial report was made by Shockney, seconded by Bonjour, all were in favor and motion passed. Cary made the motion to deposit the $1,068.73 balance of the Road Fund into the State Street fund, since State Street is used for streets and lights only, seconded by Bonjour, all were in favor and motion passed.

Next on the agenda were written reports from police, fire and street departments. Police Chief Braden provided the written report of the previous month's activity. The report included a total of 56 citations including 49 for speeding, 1 for driver's license, 3 for financial responsibility, 1 for muffler and 2 for vehicle registration. 11 warnings were issued, 4 for vehicle registration violations and 7 for financial responsibility. A total of 5 arrests were made. Calls for service included: providing escort to retrieve property on Driver's Sub, alarm activation, verbal domestic, unwanted guest at Shady Lawn Truck Stop, unwanted guest at Miranda's and Shady Lawn, opossum in laundry room, animals at large, unwanted guest at Market street residence, assist to Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP), 911 open line that was determined to be accidental, domestic aggravated assault, wallet found in Lib's parking lot, report of low hanging power line, two assists to Giles County Sheriff's department to serve warrant on Driver Circle and domestic issue at Lake Logan, Shady Lawn Truck Stop issue between renter and owner, domestic call on Mulberry Street resulting in call to Department of Children's Services (DCS) due to a child living at the residence, and a man that was unresponsive on Elkton Pike on the roadside, who was subsequently transported by Emergency Management Services (EMS) to hospital in Pulaski. Police Chief Isaac Braden thanked everyone for their time, donations and support of the first annual Elkton Police Department Softball Tournament fund raiser and also thanked Officer Josh Davis for organizing the tournament.

No reports from the fire or street departments were read. Lathrop inquired on the status of street department employee Mike Watridge. City Recorder Brooks informed the council that Watridge has returned to work but is still limited to light duty only.

Committee assignments to be reported by aldermen were announced. Bonjour will continue to head up Parks and Recreation. Shockney will oversee the Judiciary committee to include new ordinances and any changes to the city charter. Lathrop will provide overviews of buildings, structures, waste water and crisis management. Cary will continue his previous role in overseeing roads, walkways and right of ways. Bryant was assigned local events, promotion of new local businesses and new grants. Cary made a motion to restrict the $50,000 received by Giles County last month to be placed in the State Street fund for road paving only. Bonjour seconded, with Bryant and Lathrop voting aye. Shockney provided the dissenting vote, and the motion passed.

Next, a citizen requested the council be aware of the extreme need regarding the paving of Sunset Drive. Lathrop expressed his first priority is designated as the intersection of Main Street and HWY 31 by Lib's due to its visible prominence in the city. Cary stated the condition of Sunset had not been paved since the 1970's and was in need of work either via chip and tar or asphalt paving. He explained the county sets a list of priorities across the entire county and suggested the same prioritization be set for the city. Bonjour, currently chair of the City of Elkton Planning Commission, will place the issue at the planning meeting.

Open issues were next discussed. The traffic signal loan resolution was read to borrow $41,800 from the Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund for payment to Stanstill Electric. The grant is 100%, however, monies must be paid ahead and later reimbursed after final work as part of the Safe Routes to School grant is approved. Once completed, the city may file with the state for repayment of the loan which incurs interest at 3% annually. Cary made a motion to approve, seconded by Bonjour, all were in favor and the motion passed. The mayor then discussed the $31,000 park grant, stating the estimated completion date is approximately two years. Mayor Caldwell also announced there is an October workshop in Columbia to discuss the park grant execution in greater detail and that he and the city recorder will be attending. Cary stated the grant is a 50/50 grant and that in-kind donations can be used for the city $15,500 responsibility of the grant is substantial for the city. Lathrop stated that planning the new fields must be big enough for future needs, not for current needs. Regarding the land, Mayor Caldwell stated he would contact the individual who currently leases the property to cancel the lease once he has harvested his 2018 crop. Bonjour added the land is to be re-seeded per the contract between the city and said individual. Elkton Booster Club President Tracy Davis committed to contact the local Coca-Cola representative to inquire about obtaining the old score board that is being replaced in Pulaski, TN. Lastly, Mayor Caldwell extended the city's appreciation to the Giles County Antique and Power Show for their donation of $100 to the city after their recent show in July.

Members of local band Straight Shift from left, Tommy Davis, lead guitar; Craig Hardin, drums; Kaylee Whipple, vocals; Jimmy Pinkston, bass guitar and Ray Widner, guitar and vocals, will host a free concert benefitting the Ardmore Veterans Museum Thursday night, September 20, 2018 from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the amphitheater in the Ardmore City Park. (YCS photo by Joe Stagner)

Straight Shift Benefit Concert For Ardmore Veteran's Museum

A benefit concert for the new Ardmore Veteran's Museum will be Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the pavilion in the Ardmore City Park. Local band Straight Shift will perform from 6:30 until 8:00 p.m. playing hits from the sixties and seventies along with some classic country. The concert is free, but the Ardmore Veteran's will be running concessions and will be accepting donations to help fund the museum.

Comprised of Ray Widner, guitar and vocals; Jimmy Pinkston, bass guitar; Craig Hardin, drums; Tommy Davis, lead guitar and Kaylee Whipple, vocals Straight Shift, has been together for a number of years playing events in the Ardmore area. Their music includes covers of some of the most popular bands of the classic rock era, including the Eagles, the Beach Boys, Badfinger, the Beatles and classic country from artist including Merle Haggard and Don Williams.

The Ardmore Veteran's Museum, located at 26301 Hamlett Street (behind Piggly Wiggly), is open from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The museum features memorabilia from a number of local veterans, including uniforms, photos and newspaper clippings.

You can support the museum by attending the free concert Thursday, September 20, 2018 from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Ardmore City Park Pavilion. Please bring a lawn chair and or blanket to sit on and come out for an evening of classic rock under the stars to benefit a great cause.

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 Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest Now Open

The Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest is accepting entries through Oct. 31. The contest is a joint project between the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Alabama Tourism Department and the Alabama Bicentennial Commission. The photo contest is open to state residents and visitors alike, but qualifying photos must have been taken in Alabama.

Contest coordinator Kim Nix says a new category connects the celebration of statehood to the photo contest, which is in its 14th year. "We added an Alabama Bicentennial category this year. Photos in this category could include historical parks, forts, lighthouses, battlefields or archeological sites. Those are just some examples-it's a broad category."

"Our other new category this year is Waterfalls. It's been such a popular subject for photos in previous contests that we decided to make it a focal point this year," she said. "Ultimately, our goal is to encourage residents and visitors to explore Alabama's outdoor spaces and document them through photography."

The contest is open to adults and youth. A total of 10 photos per person may be entered in the following categories:

• Alabama Bicentennial • Birds of a Feather • Bugs and Butterflies

• Coastal Life• Cold-blooded Critters • Nature-Based Recreation

• Shoots and Roots • State Park Adventures• Sweet Home Alabama

• Watchable Wildlife • Waterfalls • Young Photographer

Category explanations and additional entry information may be found at Entry is restricted to the online upload of digital images, which can be completed from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The deadline for entries is Oct. 31. First, second, third and one honorable mention will be awarded in each category. Winning images will be featured online and in a traveling exhibit across the state during 2019. An exhibit of 2018 winners is currently on display around the state.

For more information, call 334-242-3151 or email

New business was next on the agenda. A grant offered from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) to obtain equipment that would aid the city's recycling program was discussed. Bryant attended, on behalf of the city, a meeting in July and sent information to former Mayor Thompson. The grant information was discussed at the September 13 meeting with the new mayor and council. It was determined to be too costly to the city and a motion was made by Shockney to set a maximum amount of $10,000 for a truck purchased from Tennessee State surplus. Motion was seconded by Bonjour, all were in favor and motion passed.

The mayor next asked for discussion regarding closing City Hall on Friday. The motion to close on Fridays effective September 21 was made by Bryant, seconded by Cary, all were in favor and motion passed. Kayla Phifer who has worked on Fridays will continue to fill in for Brooks as needed. Activity and any citizen concerns will be monitored for possible re-evaluation later.

The mayor next discussed how to fund for the park grant, police and roads, specifically moving monies from the general fund. The next working meeting of the council (which is public) will focus on how much can be set aside for the three items in the coming fiscal year.

Last, a vote for vice mayor was conducted. Mayor Caldwell stated that, while not listed in the charter, in the past the incoming alderman with the most votes was appointed vice mayor, however, he opened the item for nominations. Cary received two votes, Bonjour one vote, with Cary and Bonjour dissenting to vote. The motion to appoint Cary as vice mayor carried. Lahtrop made a motion to close nominations, seconded by Shockney. Cary agreed to also represent the city on the Giles County Economic Council.

Bonjour extended thanks from Elkton United Methodist Church for traffic assistance provided by the Elkton police department at their last fish fry fundraiser.

With nothing further, the meeting adjourned at 7:17pm.

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